Configure a simple chat server using ejabberd ( on Debian)


To create  a chat server without ldap and mysql for small organization follow the steps below ( same procedure will be for CentOS but you have to install ejabberd using yum)

(Prerequisites : A DNS must be configured for server otherwise you will have to use IP instead of doamin name for configuration)

Install the ejabberd package on server

# apt-get install ejabberd


Check the service is running or not to register a admin user


Create admin user by typing below command

#ejabberdctl register admin localhost passwordforadminuser


edit /etc/ejabberd/ejabberd.yml file for admin user access and domain for which we are creating service


edit default  entry like given below


add host like given below


Register admin user as admin for domain


go to the browser and open the admin panel

https://<your ip or domain >:5280/admin

and login as user admin@localhost


Console will be like given below. click on Virtual Hosts


Select domain (in my case its  by clicking it.


Click on users to create / edit users


Add users like given below


Configure pidgin as below